Monogram Deauville?

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  1. What does everyone think of the Deauville? Anybody own one / pros & cons? I'm thinking of buying one to use as a carry-on bag in addition to my new Keepall 50. I should also mention I have toddler/preschool aged children. Thanks in advance for any help/comments! :smile:
  2. I own the Deauville and I use it as a beauty case for my travels and overnights. From time to time I take it for shopping too, but for me it's a little heavy. All the same it's a great bag and it's very practical with all the inside pockets. But for me it isn't a every day bag - because it's heavy.
  3. ^^ Thanks so much Atlantique! :smile: I was pretty much looking just to use it as a carry-on for flights. I like that it has compartments so I can put my kid's juice, snacks, diapers,etc in it without everything falling over or having to search through a huge tote!
  4. I also own the Deauville.. I think it's a great idea to use as a carry on/purse when travelling. It might be a bit heavy but you can get all your kids' essentials in it and it has a completely washable interior lining.
    I use it for travelling also... I put my iPod, snacks.. a change of clothes (if flying), plus all the stuff I would normally carry in a handbag.. so it eliminates having a purse.

    I highly recommend the Deauville.. it's one of those bags I can see having for life.
  5. ^^It sounds absolutely perfect! Thanks Sparklemint I think I'm going to go for it! :yes:
  6. Hi Cginny,

    Yeah, you should get it. :yes:
    When my baby was on the way, I bought the Deauville too cos I know it would be a great (flight) carry-on bag due to the interior. The bands where you can slot bottles in are great too to keep the baby's bottles organised. And it's a beautiful bag too.

    And I agree with sparklemint. Deauville is one of the LV bags which I can see myself using for life.
  7. I love the Deauville, even just as a bag! I hope to get it one day!
  8. I LOVE the look of that bag...and how chic will you look carrying that as a carry on bag... LOVE it!!.. GO FOR IT!! Enjoy!
  9. ^^ Thanks so much everybody! :smile: I ordered it from Elux this afternoon so I should have it in a couple of days! I'm going to use it for our relocation flight from NY to California! I'm excited to get it..Thanks again for all your help/input! :flowers:
  10. i don't own one, but i really like this bag. enjoy it!!!
  11. I don't own one but I love the look of the Deauville. I was debating between this one and the Mono Carry all for a carry on bag.
  12. I want one exactely for the reason of a carry on I'm glad to hear others find it useful for that
  13. I have always admired that bag. . . .good choice for travel.
    You should get a Pegase also!!
  14. I owned a deauville (bought it as an everyday bag) and it was beautiful. Great for kids because the interior is washable and has elastic holders for bottles (it was originally a makeup bag/beautician's accessory). I ended up selling mine about 6 months after buying it because it really was too big for *me* for everyday - and I don't travel nearly enough to justify it soley as luggage. But in terms of durability it's a wonderful bag.
  15. I used it as an everyday bag for years until i moved on to other bags. It was the best bag ever the comparments kept my wallet safe from keys, water, dirt, you can fit umb jacket scarf, I think it gets too heavy because you can fit so much in it. As a baby bag for the car it was great too the bands kept everything in place, sorry i'm a bit bias it was my first v-day from my hubby = )