Monogram Cles: To Hang or Not To Hang?

  1. Is it okay if I hang my red monogram groom cles on the handles of my bag? Or does it look a bit too much and "over the top"?

    Also, I was comparing my Abbesses and my Reporter PM earlier today and noticed that the LV logos are different color. The Abbesses is more "greenish" and the Reporter is more "brownish/redish sorta". Is this normal? I thought all logos need to be the same color. :confused1:

    It looks kinda like Classic Chic's two Sonatine bags (the super fake and the authentic). The logos are different colors. Should I be worried my bags are fake? :sad:
  2. I hang my framboise vernis cles on my Damier Parioli or my Trapeze GM. So I would say hang it!
  3. I bought a groom as well, but there's something about the cles I don't like hanging - I think that it's so big and the chain is kind of long. It just looks kind of clunky to me hanging. I do like some of the other charms and key chains hanging - the pastilles, and some of the inclusion ones and some of the juicy charms though. The cles is just so big and rectangular and on a lot of the bags it hangs down really far - just looks odd to me.

    Can you post pictures of your purses? Everybody is really nice here; perhaps some of us can help with authentication for you.
  4. I'll post pics as soon as I get my camera fixed. But based on personal experience, do you think the logos should all be exactly the same color? I'm really worried now!
  5. I think it would look great hanging from your bag.

    I tend to hang my vernis cles from my mono bags.:smile:

  6. I would hang it.
  7. I didn't hang my cles on my bag tho' just dont like it :shrugs: don't know why
  8. Me neither...
  9. yes, of course hang it!
  10. It's a personal preference. I don't like to hang mine on my bags. I keep it attached to my keys inside my bag.
  11. yah go for it...
  12. If you like it, hang it... personally I wouldn't, but that's just me ;)
    Plz post pix of your bags... where did you get them?
  13. me neither...
  14. I like hanging my cles as a little extra something for people to look at and the Groom is great! Just don't hang it on anything but a mono piece!

    let us see some pics! :flowers:
  15. i have my groom cles on my mono speedy .., you can look at my collection for a pic