Monogram Canvas or Damier Canvas?

  1. I love hearing everyone's opinions... What do you prefer the Monogram or the Damier? ANY WHY?
  2. Depends on the bag!:yes:
  3. I personally do not like to worry about vachetta, so I tend to go for the Damier, especially in the winter months. If I had to choose based on the pattern on the canvas, I STILL would choose Damier as my preference! :smile:
  4. I agree I think it depends on the bag. I have noticed that I tend to be more into the mono patterned bags though. Something about the gorgeous LVs.... :girlsigh:
  5. I agree with LV addict and Lisa, it depends on the bag.
  6. well living here in the UK the damier is more practical, so i have a lot of it and the epi we have sooo much rain the vachetta on the monogram suffers
  7. It depends on the bag, I tend to gravitate toward the mono pieces but I'm starting to really like the damier
  8. I agree!

    If the style is more stiff or structured, then Damier. If not, Mono!
  9. I love both prints and all depends on the style of the bag.
  10. damier.
  11. I prefer damier. In fact, the only mono bag i own is in the multicolor. I love the colors which was the only reason why i bought it, but i think the huge LVs all over the bag are kind of in your face.
  12. I like Monogram Canvas style bags more than Damier... more of a selection, ya know?
  13. the Damier looks more grown-up and professional; bags like the Sac Plat, Speedy, Alma and the messenger bags look better in the Damier line. and a big plus is that they're all vachetta-less, and therefore worry-free.

    the Monogram is more casual, but there are some bags that will look good only in that line, like the Manhattan, Batignolles and Popincourt bags.

    so it really does depend on the bag.
  14. I like both of those, but at this time, I prefer the mono canvas.
  15. Some bags look better in one print or the other so it depends.