Mono Twist ring in Gold

  1. I'll be 40 at the end of October ***EEEKKKK*** and so I've decided to save up and treat myself!!

    I'm not desperate for any bags or shoes at the mo, and so I've been looking at the jewellry, as I'd love a piece of LV gold!!

    I've decided that I love this ring, but will have to catch a plane to get one, as the local (and I say local, it's nearly a 4 hour drive each way to get there!) store in Dublin, doesn't do the fine jewellry.


    I was wondering if anyone here has one, and would they mind posting a picture of how it looks when they are wearing it, so I can get an idea of size etc?

    As ever, many thanks for your help!!

  2. That ring is sooo gorgeous. I saw both yellow & white gold versions in Hong Kong...oh my!!
  3. Oohh, did you? What did you think? They come in at £585, which on XE is Can$1251/Us$1166/€869. It looks really pretty, but I'm wondering if they look "insubstantial", if you get me, in real life? More like a trinket ring?

    Let me know what you think!!

    Thanks, Karman.

  4. go for it I saw it too it is GORGEOUS and the price is very fair
  5. ooh i shoudln't have looked in here that's beautiful :sweatdrop:
  6. I adore that ring! I hope you will get it and share pictures with us!
    Happy Birthday!
  7. OMG.. sorry I'm of no help - that is a GREAT choice though ! You should wear your pompeii wedges when you go and pick it up (your shoe picture gets me every time ! :graucho:)
  8. 40 is the new 30 these days... look at it this way, you look classier, wiser and definitely wealthier now than ever before!!
  9. wow! it is truly gorgeous! white gold sounds pretty too!
  10. Ooooh, I will be 40 in April....probably should start saving now to buy myself something fabulous!!:yes:
  11. Ahh, bless you all, thanks! I think I'll definately have to go with this one now!! (Please let it still be available in October!!!)

    *heheh* Ayla, I think you're right. Might be an occasion to totter about on the pompeii's!!!

    Thanks again,

  12. so cute.
  13. That is drool worthy! I LOVE this ring!
  14. Ooo thats nice :smile:

  15. I think it's a reasonable price for a nice piece of fine LV jewelry! The little fleur isn't too big, but it should show up well on your finger!