Mono Stephen on elux

  1. Its in my cart!
  2. rats
  3. Yep, gone now. I love that bag!
  4. I think there's one in the PDX OR store, at least there was on Sunday, if you want to PM me for the direct number
  5. i missed it, i want this bag, called louis and its sold out.
  6. :nuts: so did u get it sophia?
  7. ^^^^We're curious Sophia. Don't hold out on us :sweatdrop:
  8. such a cute bag!!
  9. I think it showed up again last night. If you keep looking at the link every so often, it should come up.
  10. I guess I am WAY too late on getting this bag.

    I asked a person on the Elux Live Help and they said that elux will no longer be getting anymore Mono Stephens in. :crybaby:
  11. My mom actually bought it for her sister (my aunt).

    Sorry I didnt reply back you guys, kept yall waiting.

    I got to see it and touch it for like 5 minutes, its amazing!