mono speedy 30 to purchse-matching accessories?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
I'm going to be buying a mono speedy 30 after christmas. I was wondering if I should get a matching wallet (french purse) and pochette. Opinions please :smile:
Sure! You could complete your set of monogram canvas. If you can get one, I think you should have one lv wallet that you love. You'll use it so much and you'll be glad you got it. I don't have any pochettes, but I think they would be perfect for going out when you don't want a large bag. The only down side to buying an lv wallet is choosing just one!
i would get a wallet too. i have a zippy groom so it's a little different and i love love love it! i don't know if i would get a pochette- you mean to use as a makeup case? if so then yes! but again i might get one that's a little different.
I would get something that would be a contrast.
Like something orange or red. How about a Groom Pochette wallet ?
Perhaps a manderin wallet or Red Epi/vernis
I LOVE the pochette accessories inside my mono speedy. I use it for make-up, but also dump it out and use it as a small purse for a night out. I got the mono PTI wallet, too, now and cannot say enough good things about it.
I LOVE Mono and only have one Damier and one denim piece. I do like my accessories to match. I have the mono small agenda, Koala wallet, simple checkbook and Pochette Cosmetique and Wapity. And even though I have the Perfo Cles, I want a plain one too. LOL.

I'm anal when it comes to matching accessories. Just take a look at all my Coach goodies!
yes, yes and my mono groom wallet, mono cles and mono pouchette...all are must haves to add to ones cannot go wrong....good luck
Well the thing is I already have the frech purse and pochette in black and white MC. I use the black in the fall/winter and the white in the spring/summer. This is why I asked....I think the MC would totally work but I like things to match:smile:
Its going to be inside your bag so it doesnt seem like a bit geal. I guess for some it is. I use my Mc agenda all the time, regardless of the bag i'm carrying. Also my mono cles with my mc and denim ..:shrugs:
I have a mono French wallet but it doesn't hold as much... but if you get the Koala, it has 9 credit card slots vs. the french wallet's 4 cc slots. I have a Damier Koala. Although, if you get an Azure French wallet, it's been redesigned and has 8 cc slots. Definately get a pochette because it has so many uses!