Mono Speedy 30 - Flashy or Conservative?


Flashy or Not so much?

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  2. Not so Flashy

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  1. I have several bags which have lots of hardware (paddy's and GH bbags) and I would consider them somewhat flashy. When I am going for a more conservative look, do you think a Mono Speedy 30 is the way to go? Or do people feel mono is flashy too? Thanks for your opinions!!!;)
  2. Though it is a logo bag, I do not consider the Mono Speedy to be flashy. I think it is classic and more conservative.
  3. Not so Flashy
  4. It's not too flashy, but definitely less conservative than a damier speedy.
  5. Although the monogram is all over the bag, the brown/neutral color subdues the logo.
  6. Though speedy is mono, I think it is not flashy at all. I dunno, I somewhat think speedy is very conservative, especially if you wear it with black suit/blazer for work.
  7. I believe the Mono speedy is very classy. Not at all flashy. It's such a classic piece.
  8. It's a very understated and timeless design...not flashy at all!
  9. Definitely agree with the other gals....the speedy is a classy bag!! It's not flashy at all, IMO. I think it's the best bag ever!!
  10. MC is flashy, but mono, not so much.
  11. yup i agree - not so flashy. It is such a classic.
  12. it is not flashy at all :yes:
  13. I don't think it's hat flashy at all...
  14. not flashy at all
  15. not flashy to me.