Mono Papillon 30 v. Damier Papillon 30

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Mono Papillon 30 v. Damier Papillon 30?

  1. LV Monogram Papillon 30

    17 vote(s)
  2. *

    LV Damier Papillon 30

    44 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I'm planning on buying my first LV the end of this month, before the possible price hike. So I got my eyes on the papillon style but very indecisive on which one to buy: monogram v. damier? I like both but only want ONE (wish I can have both though). I like the mono but it might be too flashy and also there are alot of fakes out there but then I'm also thinking maybe my first LV should be a mono. Then there's the damier, very classy but I'm also getting the damier speedy when it comes out this summer so maybe I should get the papillon in mono instead? Tough choice!! Help... :wacko:

    Which one would you get? They both cost the same at $785.

    Monogram Papillon 30
    mono papillon.jpg

    Damier Papillon 30
    damier papillon.jpg
  2. Damier cousin has the exact bag and she loves it and i am the one constantly looking, note: if she didn't have one already i would have definitely bought one but i don't won't to be a
  3. Another vote for damier, I prefer how it's more conservative and a little less in your face about its identity !
  4. I like the Papillon in the Damier much better. In general I like the Damier better. I especially like the darker handles in this bag.
  5. I always say that person's first Vuitton piece should be in classic mono canvas!!!:biggrin: JMO.
  6. I never liked the Damier Papillion UNTIL I saw a girl in Best Buy who had one. I instantly fell in love. I asked the hubby if I could buy one and he said no and bought a $1300 tv :\
  7. Damier, Damier, Damier!
  8. Do U get gud reception?
  9. ROTL... I'm sorry but guys are just like THAT sometimes!!! :lol:
  10. Wow... a close call. Damier won by one vote! :nuts: Most likely I might go for the Damier because of the dark straps and how it's more dressy compares to the mono, but then I might not know until I step into the store sometimes this month. Thank you ladies!!! :amuse:
  11. hehe..sorry i evened up the score! i prefer the MC papillon!
  12. Now there's a TIE!!! :blink: Ha ha ha... :lol: Ok, now I REALLY need to see it in person!!
  13. I voted classic monogram.. but I like the damier too.. hmm, I actually think I like it better :P Damn, just get both!! :biggrin:
  14. I voted for Damier because I personally have an issue with handheld bags in the monogram canvas. The dark leather trimmings on the Damier is much easier to take care of.
  15. Ya, that's what I'm afraid of too... the stress of taking care of the leather strap on the monogram bags.

    And Swedie: I WISH I can get both! ;)