mono papillon 30 or petit bucket?

  1. If you could choose between the two, mono papillon 30 or a mono petit bucket which would be your preference? I could use a shoulder bag that is comfortable for shopping or on days when I really need my hands free for the kids. Something about the bucket has a vintage look to me, a little 80's-ish but I like it nevertheless. I'm really split bec. I like both but can only get one since I'm getting the mono speedy in March. I won't even be getting this bag for quite a while but obsess over which one to get anyway, and would appreciate some of your stylish opinions on those two bags. I have a feeling whichever bag I don't get this year, I'll just next year anyway, :smile:

  2. I don't have either but there both really cute, I can see how it would be hard for you to choose...I say get the papillon! :yes:
  3. I'd go for the bucket! Each time I've tried a papillon on I thought it was a bit uncomfortable. But I like the bucket more, it's really really cute!
  4. i prefer the Papillon 30, but in Damier. i think it looks best in that line, and it's all-weather and so low-maintenance. i have one and i love it!
  5. I like the petit bucket in monogram and the papillon in damier.
  6. mono bucket....i dont know why, i just like it alot....
  7. bucket since you'll be getting the speedy which is a handbag in march:smile:
  8. I like the monogram bucket.
  9. Another vote for the bucket!! I have one and it's great!
  10. Papillon..
  11. Mono bucket. I have that and the soufflot, and the bucket has always been the more practical of the two, IMO. I love them both equally, though :love:.
  12. bucket! i like the look better...
  13. Thanks for all your opinions. I recall now reading on a difft. thread about many pf'ers loving the damier papillon, it is cute but I wear my damier speedy almost daily and would love a mono bag that is my knock around bag, the mono speedy I know I will want to preserve and this mono bucket or papillon isn't going to be bought new. I would love to get a damier baby pap as an evening clutch. I'm leaning more towards the bucket but so love the papillon look too. I had a burberry lola in the equestrian with the red trim that is the same dimensions as the papillon 30 and truth be told didn't find it the most comfortable as a shoulder bag. I know I need to get the bucket for it's practicality and do like it's looks as well but wasn't sure how it was received, if people still wear it, I never see them, but I see an occasional noe.
    Thanks again for your thoughts on this decision :smile:
  14. I like the bucket inthe mini lin, otherwise I dont care for it. I used to have the mono bucket and just couldnt get into it.
    So if you're going for the mono i'd go for the pap :smile:
  15. I like the bucket more..