Mono Mini Pochette Accessoires

  1. Hi!!!

    I currently am the owner of a speedy 30 and cles - both of which i am
    in :heart: :nuts: with. Now my thougths are this. I would like to get the above for my birthday on 13.01.07, but am wondering just how small it is. I mean i know that measurements and all, but i mean just how much stuff can you put in there, and is it comfy???

    Could i pretty please ask some of you to bestoe your kindness on me and post some pics???!!! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :shame: :shame: That would be fab if you could.

    Also i realise the chain is small, but is it ok to use an extender like on the regular pochette?..... or do you great PF'ers have some other neat trick to use?

    Thanking you guys in advance, as it would be a great help. I am sooooo excited about adding this piece to my collection.
  2. It's very small like the palm of my hand I keep all my dh's gifts to me in it as they are valuables I can't show you a pic.

    I'm sure the other PFers will be more than happy to oblige.
  3. So i coudl use it more like a little clutch if i wanted to? or i guess i could use it a a cosmetics bag?? OOoooohhh that would be a great idea.

    Pics from all you other great people would be great
  4. yes... you can use it as a very small clutch. the larger pochette is preferred choice of the PFers here.

    hope someone will post a pic for you...
  5. maybe the larger would be better? but that gold chain is beautiful!
  6. I think it is the gold chain that has gotten me. But in saying that can you get a chain like that for the regular Pochette?
  7. Yes.. You can buy the Accordeon chain and use it as a substitute strap on the larger pochette. I think the price is a little hefty though.
  8. Thank you Pinkiwhatever99 you have been very helpful thus far.