Mono Keepall 45 vs 50

  1. If this has already been discussed i couldnt find it :sweatdrop:

    I am finally going to buy my keepall that i have been wanting forever. I am getting it for Christmas. I will definitely go to the store and look at both IRL to see the difference in size, but i was wondering what you guys thought. Do you think one is a better size? I am almost positive i am not getting the strap. I would be using the bag for long weekends, maybe the gym (is that crazy?), things like that.

  2. My SA said that the 50 is good for weekends, and the 45 is good for overnight. So I'd say get the 50. ;)
  3. I have the 50, for only 20 dollars more it is a great deal. I agree with Arnott's assessment above.
  4. If you want something for the weekend I would suggest the 55. When you look at them in the shops, smaller is nicer I guess, but you have to think a little bit about practicality too ^__^
  5. 45 for the gym. 55 for weekends and overnights. ;)
  6. 50 is perfect!
  7. Thanks for your help! i will have to go look at them to decide between the 50 and the 55 then, it sounds like the 45 will just be too small.