Money Wallet Questions.

  1. Hello all -

    I really like the outside of the Money Wallet - but does anyone have pics of the inside of one? Or info on how many cc cards it holds and the general layout?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. here's one of them...
    hope this helps.
    i love the money, very practical and perfect for keeping cards, cash, and a zipper compartment for coins.
    wallet....jpg wallet.jpg
  3. It's really a great wallet. It opens really wide for easy access and it will hold probably 20 credit cards if you have that many. I also like the middle section which is great for receipts, etc. and it will hold quite a bit. I have it in Vermillion:

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    It's settled... I'm getting it in white!

    Thank you!
  5. Oooo i like this wallet. Is it comfortable to carry/use ?
  6. you will love it! it fits everything and opens really wide for easy access! :smile:
  7. The Money is the best wallet I've ever had. I carry it as a clutch when I don't need much with me and the inner area could hold a thin phone or checkbook easily. There are lots of slots to keep your stuff really organized and the zipper pocket is great for change. I even keep a single spare key in the little front pocket which has saved me a few times.
  8. What does the money wallet retail for? I love its practicality!
  9. It retails for $475
  10. Well i'm back... That rouge is teasing me! I have decided that i'm going to sell my lv wallet and buy this one. I think too i'll have more color in my bag this way.. Argh to the enablers(giggle) Now because i'm new to this brand and would like to buy used to ensure I like this wallet, can anyone direct me to sellers on eBay? thanks
  11. There aren't any Money wallets on eBay at the moment. There's a Black Compagnon which is actually bigger -- not what you're looking for in both color and type. However, hgbags (a tPFer) and lvlady99 are two sellers on eBay that consistently carry authentic Balenciaga stuff, the latter selling predominantly pre-loved ones. There are also sellers on the web such as Ann's Fabulous Finds and tPF's very own realdealcollection that carry pre-loved items.

    Good luck in your search! I, too, have a 07 Vermillion Money wallet, and really LOVE it! :love:
  12. thank you.. lvlady 99 just had one and I missed it last night ARGH!! i will check the other seller too.
  13. How many card slots does it have? More than the compagnon?
  14. Wow that's a stunning red wallet!
  15. How many c/c slot does the money have ?

    Also does it tend to wear? I read through a post where someone but this wallet ( used i guess) and it was black on the front and back, what is this from ?