Moms - what did you get for Mother's Day?

  1. So, moms....what did you get for mother's day? Flowers, any special gifts, wishes from a loved one? Hugs from your baby who's now 6 feet tall...?

    I got some chocolates and a beautiful mug and some flowers from SO and son (son was prompted by SO of course : ) )
  2. I got Tulips & a card from DH... My 6 year old made me a card at school & actually memorized a Mothers Day song. He sang it to me when he gave me the card this morning. Made me cry:shame: And from my 3 year old, a simple hug & kiss & a "Happy Muters Day";)

    We had gorgeous weather so we went out to lunch & sat on the patio, then to the park & home to go swimming. Just a great day spent with my kids & DH!
  3. my mom got flowers and is getting a dinner tonight =)
  4. I'll upload the pics of son's card (which he made for me at school)


    Tuna (or fish) pizza is his favourite dinner

    I love this one: He's drawn me looking for a book under the bed

    And of course he had to add my favourite command to the list...


    ..and the card from SO which had me in stitches....


    ..with the following message- a pig with an amorous look?...

  5. My son made me a painted watering can flower pot, a wall plaque with his handprint, a flower with a decorated pot and several cards. My mom bought me the new summer doormats I wanted, chocolate, and some pedicure products. My dh got me a card as well..but no gift. Oh- but he did mention that he wanted an iPod for Father's Day. Men, I swear! lol
  6. My darling daughter bought me a pair of Jimmy Choo slingbacks and a huge bunch of flowers, my "big" son bought me some perfume and my "little" son (3) bought me some chocolates ( and big hugs from all). I'm so very lucky.:smile:
  7. What a sweet gift, Merika!
  8. My hubby and son bought me avery nice outfit for summer. I also got flowers and a buttermilk pancakes made especially for me!!

  9. I got flowers, some cooking things, candles...a big breakfast....and.......

    A portable GPS!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: It is so cool!! I have been playing with it all afternoon!
  10. ^^Hey, I always wanted one of those! Now you'll never get lost!
  11. I know! I am a totally techie, so DH did really well. This one is amazing! It is completely portable, so you can put it in your pocket or purse for when
    your walking. It has an MP3 player audio book (with a coupon for 3 free books!), dictionary, wth bilingual dictionarys, photo player. But I think my favorite thing is where wever you are youcan push 'gas' and it gives you about 25 closest one. You can hit food, and choose american, asian, barbeque, british isles, cafe/diner, chinese, deli/bakery, fast food, french, german, international, italian, mexican, seaford, specialty, steak/grill...and it gives a bunch of choices...same with lodging!

    Too cool, sorry for going on and on....can you tell I am excited!!!
  12. I don't have any children but my BF gave me a great gift nevertheless. We went to the Verizon store today, and he got me a Windows Treo 700 for Mother's Day!

  13. I got my mom some flowers and her favorite... a cheesecake!!!
  14. I got flowers at work on Friday, Saturday my daughter and I got matching mother/daughter outfits (dress for her, blouse for me), and matching Louis Vuitton Bubble earrings and a card. Today we went out for a yummy brunch.

    We're leaving in a few hours to take my mom out for dinner. She got flowers and some cash from us.
  15. I got to SLEEP IN and have BREAKFAST IN BED!!!! :yahoo: I have a sweet hubby.

    He also got me a gorgeous Balenciaga rouge vermillion Money wallet, accompanied by a card containing the chicken scratches of my 2 kids, who are two years old and almost four. We spent the day out and about, having lunch and dinner at fun, casual restaurants. I also took a looooong nap this afternoon. It was a great day!