Mommy's little MAN - I LOVE HIM

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. i LOVE shelties!! i almost got one but didn't want to deal with grooming so i got my whippet instead. they're such great dogs! his coloring is gorgeous!!
  2. What a stunning adorable dog! :heart:I bet he's not stuck up either:P

  3. whippets are wonderful pooches too:heart:

    Yes...the HAIR is never ending..and you do have to brush them every day..

    he gets pampered every 8 weeks and goes to the "Spa" as I call it...he gets a shampoo/set/pedicure and good tooth brushing...he never is happy to go..but always has a big smile after he's done...:lol:
  4. He is gorgeous!!
  5. What a cutie pie!
  6. All the best to both of you! He's as cute as they come!
  7. So handsome! Beautiful Little Man !
  8. do you do any performance events with him? shelties usually do so well in just about all of them, lol.
  9. OMG..I call Ripley...My Shiba Inu...My little man too...LOLLOLOLOL!How funny!
  10. He's beautiful and very distinctive.
  11. he is totally cute...
  12. What a handsome and adorable little man!!! He is striking looking!!!

    I love how you call him "your little man." I call my male dog that too--he responds better to "little man" than he does to his name!
  13. I call my cat 'my little man', too (he gets v embarrassed).
    Jaxson is sooo cute!Give him a big hug from me...
  14. So adorable! and I love his name :smile: