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  1. who here watches it?
    it is really hilarious.. amazingly funny..too simple and too great
  2. I do. It's a great show. Especially the mother is hilarious
  3. Best written show on tv. I watch it live every week and DVR others
  4. I've caught it here and there and it is hilarious. Is this the first season?

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  5. It's in its third season
  6. I just love how the daughter keeps going no matter what.
  7. I'm glad that adjusted the format of the show from the 1st season and removed the kids out of the picture and made it more about the adults and their relationships. I always liked it, but I think it made it a much stronger show.
  8. I was excited for this show when it came out, because I love Anna Faris and I love Allison Janney.

    Jaime Pressley was a great addition to the cast, and I really liked the mix of humor and emotions in the Christy's father storyline, the Jodi storyline. and the Bonnie relapse on painkiller storyline.

    It's part of my Thursday night line-up.