Mom of 3 toddlers needs help picking a shoulder bag with durable leather!

Nov 10, 2009
Los Angeles
Hello! I need help picking a YSL shoulder bag. Background info...I’m a mom of 3 toddlers but am finally ready to get out of the diaper bag stage and use a daily bag for errands. Would prefer something I don’t have to baby so must be durable and something not too heavy. What would be the most durable scratch resistant leather that YSL has to offer?

Was thinking of the medium Niki bag in tan, a medium loulou in black, or a medium or possible large college in black with either black or silver hardware. Any help would be appreciated as I’ve been out of the purse game for so long.


Apr 20, 2018
I also have toddlers and was considering the medium Nikki in the new smooth leather with the matte logo. I saw an unboxing on YouTube and was convinced that I needed it in beige. Anyway, I decided against it. When it’s empty it’s lightweight enough.. I think about 1.75 lbs or so...but obviously when you put your stuff in it, it’ll feel heavy. Just something to consider with bags that have chain straps.

I own the loulou in the toy size and find the calfskin pretty durable, though I’m careful with it because the potential for wear is at the corners. I think this style is the most attractive of the three options, but probably the most delicate. If weight is not an issue, I’d get the Nikki in a non crinkled leather version.