Moka Patchwork pics

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  1. Ok, Miss Moka Patchwork arrived a few days ago, several of you asked me to post pics in a couple of other threads, so thought I would just start a new one--the debate is the way she looks carried. I've taken a couple of pics, tell me what you think. I'm still in the decisive mode, going back and forth, just not sure yet. The leather is beautiful, very lightweight bag, the lightest I've had from Chloe, love the size, kinda reminds me of a LV Speedy that I carried for years (before I became purse obsessed)--LOL
    chloe patchwork bag 005.jpg

    chloe patchwork bag 023.jpg

    chloe patchwork bag 007.jpg
  2. Thanks so much for the pictures! It's beautiful and the leather looks awesome. I'm not sure I like the "sagginess" of the bag though. Not much help, sorry.
  3. Pretty bag, I love the color and the leather.... not sure how I feel about the way it changes shape.
  4. congrats!! the leather looks so soft!!
  5. Love both the color and the leather on this bag,enjoy.
  6. Its beautiful and looks roomy... As for the shape, it looks nice both ways... Maybe you can place a notebook on the base to make it look less shaggy...
  7. I have a twin-sister of your bag and from my experience it's perfect everyday bag because of the lightness. I like the shape because it just shows how cuddly soft it is. But maybe you could try placeing a notebook on the base like mariabdc suggested if you prefer keeping it more shaped..?
  8. Thanks all for your comments--I did consider the tip of placing something in the bottom to give it more shape, but the leather is so soft that I don't think it would look 'right'. The bag's look is soft and slouchy. The leather is very similiar to my Tekla, which also changes shape, super soft, but the Tekla has all the hardware/pockets for distraction. I'm still in the decisive mode.:confused1:
  9. Thanks llson for posting! The leather looks wonderful.
  10. I'm not diggin it sorry. The leather looks so pillowy soft though? I think it's too slouchy for my liking because of that.

    Don't get me wrong it's still a very pretty bag!
  11. Ilson - I love everything about it except the way the bottom sags. It looks like it isn't supposed to do that - even though that may be the correct way for it to hang.
  12. Completely agree, it just looks shapeless. I sitting at 60/40 against, so probably will ship it back. Just wanted some other opinions, sometimes I get caught up in color/leather, etc., but I know myself, if I don't totally love the bag, it will stay in the closet until I sell it on e-bay. Even though it is a great price ($744-60% off), not sure I'm 'in love'.
  13. I'm always of the theory that you should buy a fabulous deal regarding a groovy purse on line (i.e. retail establishment with return policies) and play with the bag in front of the mirror and with your clothes. You have nothing to lose except maybe 20 bucks (hello gas money). Personally I've returned two bags doing this and sat on another one for a month before I made up my mind?
  14. Could you not put a piece of cardboard on the bottom to help retain its shape a bit?
  15. I think it's a beautiful bag and I don't usually like patchwork bags. But, I understand if you were expecting a more structured bag. Do what works best for you!