1. My fiance and I are currently on the hunt for the perfect e-ring for moi. :smile:
    We're pretty set on getting a Moissanite, but I'd love to hear of any personal stories from anyone who owns any Moissanite jewelery!, and basically any information you can give me about the stones (that isn't the cookie-cutter information you can find on any jewelers website)

    We've been specifically looking at this particular ring:

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. My engagement ring has a moissanite stone. I love it! I've compared it to my sister's diamond, and I prefer the moissanite. It's just full of fire and sparkle.
  3. That's GREAT to hear!!
    My promise ring is a .25 carat diamond, and i'm always looking at it sparkle, so the fact that moissanites apparently sparkle MORE then diamonds, sounds very very good to me. :smile:

    If you don't mind me asking, how big is the stone in your e-ring? I've heard the bigger the moissanite, the more chance it'll be kind of a "green" colour.
    But then I hear from people that they look just as "clear" as diamonds when put side-by-side..
  4. My ring has a 1 carat equivalent stone. It doesn't look green at all. I don't have any regrets about buying mine, it's such a beautiful stone. Have you gone to see any in real life? That might help you, if you have any doubts or concerns about it. By the way, the ring your considering is gorgeous!
  5. We're definitely going to go look at some stones in person, probably within the next few weeks or so.

    And thank you! I'm really loving that ring. I have a few other choices as well (one with a similar band, but a princess cut stone in the middle).

    And then for wedding bands, we're going to be looking into two very thin bands of pink sapphires, or white topaz (one for either side of the E-ring)
    Or possibly one like this!
  6. congrats, this is the fun part trying on all the rings!!!!

    i have heard good and bad things...i have that they can have a "brownish-greenish" color to them......I would definatly go look at a couple of a them so you can see them in person...also find out if they last a while or if they need to be replaced often....

    my friend told me that when she went and looked at some the jeweler they went to said that you might have the change the stone once a year or maybe once every 2 definatly ask about that!

    good luck!!!
  7. Hmmm, I don't think they change colors. I think that's CZ. I've had mine over 2 years, and it's still as beautiful as day one. :confused1:
  8. LTH, congratulations on your engagement! I have quite a few moiss jewelery pieces and would love to give you my opinion and answer any questions you have.

    First, my e-ring has a 2ct (8 mm) round center moiss mixed with 1.5ctw of diamond baguettes. You CANNOT tell that it is not a diamond. This large center stone was hand picked at a jeweler that sells moissanite and there is no green or yellow or gray. My sister-in-law also bought a round brilliant that she got from Bella Jewelry, and she paid hundreds less than I did and it's GORGEOUS. I would highly recommend going through them and ask for Kelli. Here is the link:

    I also have a one carat moiss pendant which looks identical to a diamond and a mixed half-carat moiss/quarter-carat diamond omega slide that is stunning. The diamonds and the moiss sit side-by-side and blend beautifully.

    Moissanite appeals to those who like diamonds in the G-H-I range. All moiss is not created the same, just like diamonds, and you can get moiss with green or yellow undertones and those stones give moiss a bad name. Places in the mall, like JCPenney and Helzberg have some beautiful pieces, but because they buy in bulk, they also get the stuff that exclusive moiss retailers discard. You have to be picky there.

    Also, moiss does have more fire. Some people say that is a dead give-away, but I challenge them to go to a Hearts on Fire diamond dealer and look at a perfectly cut diamond and tell me if too much "fire" and brilliance is a bad thing. Moiss is not cut like a diamond specifically because it isn't the same chemical composition or crystal structure. So Charles & Colvard cut it to take maximum advantage of the stone.

    I highly encourage you to get a moiss because you can afford a more beautiful and larger stone for the ridiculous amount of money that diamonds cost. You will never regret it and it's the fiscally responsible thing to do when you are first starting out in life. Enjoy!
  9. I'm a moissanite fan, as well. SoonerorLater posted great information, and Bella Jewelry Company has a great reputation. BF knows I want a moissanite engagement ring (whenever it happens!) and I've recommended to him that he go through Bella.

    I love your idea of the moissanite and pink sapphires for your wedding band - I have the exact same idea! :nuts:

    Moissanite is a great alternative to a diamond. Congratulations on your soon to be engagement, and post pictures when you get your ring!
  10. I am considering getting a mois after losing/misplacing a 3 ct eternity band... I have 2 that I stack together and ugghh its just killing me knowing the price and everything. Even though they are insured its just too much stress... I also happen to have seen the mois on QVC one day and oh it just took my breath away. I know several people who have them and I can't tell that they aren't diamonds. I am looking to spend no more than $1500... I am thinking about getting a cushion or raidant with side stones!!
  11. My best friend has a lovely engagement ring w/ a killer center moissy. She said you just have to make sure it does not have a greenish/brownish tint to it. She also recommended Bella jewelry. They will do custom designs as well.

    Good luck!
  12. courtneyh: Maybe you're thinking of CZ? From everywhere i've seen, Moissanite is supposed to last a lifetime! heh, but only time will tell I guess. ;) - thank you though!!

    SoonerOrLater: Wow, thank you for taking the time to write all that, you definitely helped SO much. We're actually considering a few from Bella Jewelry Company! That's great about the good recommendations, now I know for sure if we go with them, that I won't be screwed around. :smile: (It's always a little scary ordering online, heh)

    I've heard people say things like because Moissanite has more fire, it's a dead give away that it is "fake", but I doubt the average person could REALLY tell. :p At least none of the people I know could tell. Plus, I don't want a diamond, I just want the clearness & fire of a diamond (and moissanite is clearly going to be far superior!) Moissanite seems to be a great gemstone in it's own category, and definitely needs more recognition!.

    I also love that I can get a larger stone, for a fraction of the cost. 7mm-8mm seems to be a perfect size for me (any larger would probably look a bit gaudy on my hand)

    Cristina: Great minds think alike! ;)
    I'm a girly-girl at heart, what can I say.. pink sapphires are beautiful stones, and unique! I think they'll contrast against the clear moissanites very well. :smile: (but yeah, i'll be sure to post pictures!)

    Thanks for all the replies :smile:
  13. I sent an email in for my quote... we will see as I want a radiant 2ct with baguettes....

    I think I would love this more than the 6 cts combined I wear now because I can wear it anywhere! Whereas if we travel of something I have to put it in the safe.
  14. i recommend bella, i bought 2 carat earrings (1ct each ear)

    LOVE them. i have the same size diamond earrings, i never wear them...they are in safety deposit because i am paranoid of losing them.

    i think over 1 carat you have to be choosy about your stone, i'd avoid JC penney or any of the mall jewelry stores. Bella Jewelry has a wonderful reputation, and will work with you to get the whitest stone available.

    i think it is a lovely choice
  15. That's great to hear.
    I actually just noticed now that the ring I put in my original post, they don't sell to Canada. :sad:
    So i'm going with Bella now.