Modern Chain - Red?

  1. I posted this elsewhere, but I think it's getting "lost"... So here's the question:

    Has anyone seen the MC in red? A SA told me that the red was a distressed leather, just like the leather from the Outdoor collection.... But that didn't seem right to me... Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Wicked, I haven't seen any pictures anywhere. Mariela told me it was supposed to be available in October.
  3. Hi Smooth! Thanks for the response--Mariela told me the same thing, but I didn't put my name down... I wanted to know about the color first. I know some ladies have been to Chanel trunkshows recently and had seen the red in person--so I was hoping for a description! Hopefully someone will know!
  4. I called the 1 800 chanel # and they told me it is coming out at the end of the month. The leather will be a smooth calf leather. Colors are dark brown, red, dark grey, and black. The price point is $2,025 and it comes it two shapes same price. Wide and short or tall and narrow. The chanel customer service rep said the one that is in BG catalog looks the best, which is the wide and short one.
  5. Thanks for the size info! I kinda phrase my question poorly. I wanted to know if the red was a true, deep red or something more "faded" like the Outdoor collection. The Outdoor collection has that distressed leather, faded red shade that I'm NOT looking for....
  6. The large tote retails for $2,225 and is catalog code A33378 Y04167 - it is available in red, dark grey, black, and white (brown?).
  7. I saw the MC in dark grey. If I recall correctly, the leather was similar in texture to that from the Outdoor and Diamond Stitch lines. It was not a "smooth" leather in the way of the MM lines.
  8. Socal - was the grey color distressed/faded? Or was it evenly gray?
  9. from the Look Book it seemed like a pretty true red to me, I'm DYING to see it!
  10. Wow, can't wait to see pics!!!:yahoo:
  11. Hmmm...I recall it as being even...the leather had texture and was somewhat matte in color... I am not sure why, but I expected the leather to be more smooth and lush... The bag can go more casual than I expected from the ad pics...
  12. I just saw the Modern Chain in brown. It is VERY distressed! I was quite disappointed when I saw it. I had no idea that the Modern Chain leather would look this way. I had envisioned a different look, also, more lush or something. :sad:
  13. I have seen one yet but my SA told me it's distressed leather.
  14. I have not seen the red, but the grey is definitely distressed!
  15. Is the black also in distressed leather?