Modern Chain flap

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  1. Sooooooooooooooo-once again fate moved against me and I missed the EGC event with a trip to the ER! (I have Crohns disease and had a flare up)

    As I was laying in the hospital bed, pouting, my aunt came to visit and she had a chanel bag with her! :yahoo:

    She went and bought me the Modern Chain flap I'd had my eye on-its absolutely beautiful! I haven't used it yet because I'm terrified of taking it out and having someone spill a drink on it or run into it with a cigarette and I'd end up in jail

    Anywho-to make thing even better-she gave me the EGC giftcard and I got a LV planner I'd had my eye on for a while for free!

    Thanks for letting me share-now on to the pics!
  2. What a nice ending to your story. Your aunt is a doll. Hope you're feeling better. Congrats on your modern chain flap.
  3. ok, with the actual picture this time!

  4. What a sweet aunt! Hope you're feeling better, and enjoy your new purse, it's gorgeous!
  5. Your aunt is so sweet! Congrats on your new bag, it's gorgeous. I love the modern chain flap, especially in grey. Hope you're feeling better :flowers:
  6. Lovely bag, enjoy wearing it. What a wonderful aunt u have. Hope u r feeling better.
  7. Nice of your aunt to give you that pretty bag, and the gift card too! I love the chain strap that bag has, I have seen it IRL and loved it. Very nice, and if you haven't already recovered fully, I wish you a speedy recovery!
  8. omg have we not seen the most beautiful grey bags in the last few days? I'm in love, love it - the MC is one of my fave lignes. Congrats! What a nice aunt!
  9. Your aunt is a real sweetie! Get better and enjoy the bag!
  10. darn max, you had to go and blow up the bag and now I'm all drooling again. grey is truly a fave color of mine :drool:
  11. Wow! That is one gorgeous bag. I am glad you had a happy ending! I have a q on this bag--is the leather glazed or distressed at all? I am trying to decide on this color or the brown.
  12. I love the Modern Chain flap! I would have bought this bag at the last EGC event if it had come in a bigger size. You have such a sweet aunt! I hope you feel better now!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. What a wonderful Aunt you have! Hot bag! I am glad you are feeling better!
  14. What a darling aunt.. Wish my extended family were as nice!! :yes: Enjoy the TDF bag!
  15. Beautiful gift, and what better way to aid your recovery :biggrin:

    Congratulations, your new bag is a stunner