Modern Chain Arrived:

  1. I just got the east west MC in red today:wlae: ! Those of you fellow MC carriers do you find that this bag is soooo heavy! I had no idea. How do you cope.
    Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful bag but once I put my things in it, it weights a ton! Any suggestions. I really hate to return it
  2. I find that the weight is distributed evenly and I don't find it heavy as long as I wear it over my shoulder. I love mine.
  3. I schlep a lot of stuff in mine and don't think it feels heavy on my shoulder. Are you used to small bags?
  4. No I carry large bags, even Marc Jacobs bags:shame: , maybe I need to distribute the weight because I think the bag is simply beautiful! I do not want to send it back. Don't you just love the smell.
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