Modelling pics

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  1. Anyone have modelling pics of the signature slim carly?

    I want to see what it looks like when you wear it, I'm afraid it might be too slim (and thus a little flat/paper-y looking?) or too big :sweatdrop:

    For reference, I'm about 5'4 and 130 lbs

  2. No slim carly pics there :sad:
    they're so hard to come by!
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    Hi~I got this for christmas. This is my first coach purse, I got it from ebay. I don't have any coach stores in town and I had never tried one on before. I was hoping i would like it and i do! Not a very nice modeling picture, but wanted to help you out! Im 5'6 and 155 lbs. Hope this helps you!!
  4. This isn't my bag, but it's a modelling pic I found that happywife18 posted of her beautiful slim carly...Hope this helps!
  5. thanks guys!

    candlee: your bag is so pretty! that's exactly the one I want, with the silver/platinum leather. do you have any side pics of the bag?
  6. Thanks! I took oone for you.