modelling pic of my new papillon 30

  1. I am taking it back to LV to talk about the zipper with the manager this week, but cannot wait to take some pic:graucho: , enjoy! everyone! thanks for the support!

    the first one was with the baby papillon:heart:
    Xiaoling LV 005.jpg Xiaoling LV 008.jpg Xiaoling LV 012.jpg
  2. Ok I like the 26, here's another thing I want...
    Looks good on you!
  3. Cute bag :flowers: congrats, enjoy your new pap :smile:
  4. Look great!
  5. looks great, thanks for sharing.
  6. It looks great on you and is the perfect size for your build..enjoy
  7. Looks great, congrats!
  8. It looks great on you, congrats! :smile:
  9. very cute..Congrats!:smile:
  10. i plan to buy the papillon 30 this week too
  11. The Papillon is definitely one of my favorite shapes. Congrats on a fabulous bag!
  12. Dying for the pap, this makes me wanna run out right now and grab it... looks sooo darling on you!!! Hooray!
  13. Looks fantastic on you!
  14. Looks FABULOUS on you!!!:heart: Hope you get your zipper situation resolved.:yes:
  15. Thank you sooooo much! Irene!!!:heart: