Modeling pics of Palermo PM worn messenger style?

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  1. Hey, I know that there are some modelling pics of the palermo PM but I would like to see some when it's worn messenger style. Most of the palermo PM owners on tPF have said that you can't wear it like that but apparantly some of you can so please post some pics :tender:
  2. I like to see too IRL!! These pics are kinda funny though.



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  3. Yay!! Thanks for posting!! The first one looks okay but is the second pic PM or GM? Does anyone have any IRL pics? I would love to see some!! Oh, and also if someone could post a pic of wearing a PM on the shoulder with the short straps. I know, most of you say again that it's not possible but I've heard that for some it is possible.
  4. Sorry, the 2nd pic is also the PM, my bad ;)
  5. I have this bag (Palermo PM) and indeed you can wear it messenger style but it won't hang down to your butt or anything. It will stop right around your waist, just as it is in the picture. And the ones in the picture are the PM, I am not sure how long the strap is on the GM.
  6. more?
  7. noe noelie :ty::tender: That bag is so pretty!! It turned my wish list upside down...
  8. helmi, I was gonna get this bag but too much new things coming and coming every month............LV shopping is endless!!
  9. they aren't exactly what you were asking...but some more pics!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Don't like the messenger way of carrying that bag... Just doesn't fit in my opinion...
  11. This bag is sooo gorgeous! Thanks for providing the pictures :smile:
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