Modeling pics of large Capsule tote & more..


    Okay - so my spawn agreed to help me take the pics and post them - but she didn't want to try to remember how to just put them on here where you don't have to click on them. (I guess they are rather large) Anyway I do now have an avatar too!It is on the small side but she is fed up with helping me - drats. If she wants that Bay for Xmas she better be NICE!
  2. The capsule tote looks great on you! It's such a classy, stunning bag.
  3. you AND your bags are gorgeous:tup:
  4. That is so cute! What an amazing color! It looks like it will transfer very well through the season( if that makes any sense). Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bags and they all look fantastic on you :yes:
  6. Thanks girls! I guess I'll keep the darn thing. I was a tad worried that it was too big but heck - it could work as a briefcase or a travel bag after the hooplah has died down about enormous bags. If a six foot gal can't carry a big bag - who can?
  7. Great pics Divnanata!

    Is that a Front Pocket Paddy in Elephant in your avatar pic? It's such a lovely colour! :heart:
  8. No - darn it. The color is a much more pedestrian "taupe" from AR's '06 sale last January. Elephant sounds tres more glamorous! But I haul that Paddy around everywhere even though it literally weighs a ton since it spices up just about any outfit!
  9. :roflmfao: I can only dream of my mother getting me a nice bag for xmas! Your daughter must LOVE you.
  10. Divnanata who knew... you are one hot mama:nuts:!!!! So glad you finally posted pics of the bag, I was dying to see it. That bag is gorgeous and not to big at all imo. I think I need one too:girlsigh:....
  11. Love the bags, and the Pom!!!
  12. I wish she would love me as I deserve! Things are getting better as she grows older but WHEW! - for a time there I was evil incarnate according to her. Just for the record- she told me today that she is contributing money towards the Bay as well. Very healthy development as I see it!

    If I could finagle it I would buy expensive designer bags for everybody and I know and like!!! Sharing the happiness....:yahoo:
  13. Wow! Love your bags, they look hot on you! The paddy capsule is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
  14. Wow! You have a very nice collection there!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  15. Wow divanata, I love your collection...I wish I can have a diverse collection like that!