Modeling pics of L.A.M.B. ESQUIVEL bag?

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  1. OMG the LAMB bags are soo cute! I don't know how I've missed these... The only ones I remember are the black and white "Love Angel Music Baby' ones... the newer stuff is just killer! I've been checking out the L.A.M.B. pics on here and decided I must have one in Cheetah print! I just adore the print! I have checked out all the LAMB threads I could find and I didn't see any pics of the esquivel style-- this is the style I am leaning toward and I need to see how big it looks on and if it fits on the shoulder! If anyone has modeling pics or would be willing to take them...I would be very grateful!!!!! Also 'guts' pics of this style would be GREAT!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure Knasarae has one or two! I don't have any modeling pics, but here's my Lipstick Esquivel outfit ideas............;)
    zebracoat.jpg 001.jpg jungletank.jpg 005.jpg
  3. Hi SpoilMeRotten! I have a Rasta Esquivel. It it not made to fit on the shoulder but it does. I have modeling pics in the LAMB picture thread and a guts post in the LAMB Guts post thread. Both are in my signature. Hope they help! The Esquivel is a great bag!

  4. OMG what cute combos! LOVE it! That bag is great too! Thank you! :wlae:
  5. Oooh it is GREAT! I don't know how I missed the modeling pics! I found that thread while I was at work today, I must've been distracted and overlooked it! I was hoping the straps were a little longer but it looks like it would work... I always love the handbag look but I never end up using them, so I realized I can only do shoulderbags! Off to look at the guts thread again... Thanks! :tup:
  6. the cheetah print is gorgeous! :tup: nice pick..
  7. thanks! I love anything cheetah/leopard it's just so fun!
  8. knasarae- I just saw it in the GUTS thread- it holds a lot! I love that organizer you have too! I have a pursket but that one looks way cooler! I want one!!
  9. /\ After seeing knasarae guts thread I got the Chameleon.
  10. I totally need one with my constant rotation of bags lately. Since monday i have used my Speedy, My Mandeville, and my carlisle. Tonight I am gonna take my oxford out on her first flight to my knitting group.
  11. Yeah I love my chameleon insert! Take me like 10 seconds to change my bag!

  12. by any chance do you knit over @ anacapa??
  13. No I haven't I was gonna go to the LA. but my head is all foggy and gross from the sinus pressure! But there is knitting nights at anacapa??this is good to know
  14. bump...
  15. I wonder if spoilmerotten got her Cheetah Esquivel?