Modeling Pics of HH Hudson triple strap PLEASE (BEGGING!)

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  1. Sorry I can't help you! I had this but returned it. The third strap (which seems never to be shown in the HH photos) was really awkward to me. Other than that, it is a really nice size. And I LOVED the smoke blue color!
  2. I just ordered this exact bag, but I haven't received it yet. I will post modeling pics when I get it!
  3. If you live near a Century 21, two of them near me had a couple triple straps you could check out.
  4. terpey: nope none of those stores near me that I know of;
    Bagluver: CAN'T WAIT!!! Thank you in advance!!! What color did you get?
  5. Smoke blue - I am in love with that color! I hope I like it as much IRL.
  6. Can't wait to see it....I LOVE the smoke blue!
  7. I finally got her! Here are the modeling pics. Hope this helps!

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  8. Thanks SO much for posting are wunnerful!:yahoo:
  9. You're welcome!
  10. WOW that looks gorgeous on you!!! Is the bag heavy? Thank you so so so so much!:girlsigh:
  11. ^Thanks! No, I don't find it heavy at all. It's very lightweight. I love it - the leather is really nice.