Modeling Pics of a Gustto Cala?

  1. I just recently saw this bag and fell in love with the color. Does anyone have a Cala? I don't live near any stores that sell Gustto so pictures are all I have. I did a search and found lots of posts on Gustto but no pictures. :sad:

    Also, I thought I read somewhere that Revolve offers a discount for new customers. How does that work? TIA!

  2. I'd love to see some too! A Gustto is high up on my wishlist!

  3. Unless I'm mistaken, desiprinzess718 has this bag.
  4. Here a pic of it on a model:

  5. The silver-gray one looks amazing :smile:
  6. Hmmm... the size looks ok. The color I'm looking at the metallic yellow. I wonder if it's as shiny as this one?
  7. ^^ I saw the gold one in Nordstrom and it is very shiny also... It was a little large to be so shiny IMO but I thought the clutch version was the perfect New Years Eve clutch!
  8. Yeah, I don't think I can handle it if it's shiny like that. But I saw two on is the large cala in metallic gold and the other just says cala in metallic yellow. The yellow doesn't look as shiny as the gold and silver...but I can't say for sure.
  9. I think it is pretty cute, but agree with the too shiny comments.
  10. WIth Revolve's discount you just email them and they credit you back. I love the metallic yellow!!
  11. I have a cala in charcoal. The shiny ones I don't like as much, but the bag is great!
  12. I just purchased this bag in metallic at Nordstrom's for half-price -- YEAH! -- and the yellow is nicely mellow, not incredibly metallic. Great bag!!
  13. What a great bag!!!!