MK Fulton White Vs Hamilton Messenger

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  1. My first MK bag was MK Hamilton messenger tote in tan. It was made in 2014. I love the sturdy leather. Now I bought a Fulton. Monogrammed white bag. The look is great. The hardware is shiny. Packaging was also good. But the feel of the bag somehow feels inferior to the MK of old. Do any of u feel the quality of MK bags has gone down, or is it just me?
  2. Fulton’s have gotten really lightweight. Haven’t had this one long enough to show wear so the justly is still out.
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  3. Do you use it often? I want to know if I'll have
  4. Do u use it often? I want to know if I'll have to be forever careful about how often I use it....!
  5. Never babies any MK before. Am careful not to scrape down walls and I check for color transfer but I use them and don’t worry about them.
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