MK clothes, anyone?

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  1. I got the cutest MK skirt this weekend.
    I plan on wearing it with my Marc Jacobs Jumbo Waves Bruna
    (I know. I don't have a black/silver MK collection bag yet)

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  2. Nice Skirt :flowers:
  3. I like it! The skirt and that bag will look really nice together.
  4. Wow, that is one GORGEOUS skirt, I LOVE it!!!
  5. ^pretty skirt nascar fan! Tons of pieces you can wear it with!
  6. wow love your skirt nas! mm, MJ + MK.... :lol:
  7. I absolutely love his clothes!!! I love his cardigans. I have quite a few on those. Nice skirt though.
  8. I had a pair of jeans which I loved...I guess I loved them so much they started falling apart and finally fell apart when I was on vacation!
  9. I love that skirt. I have on MK shoes today- will have to post a pic later.
  10. :lol: I know! Do you think they are friends?
  11. ^i see them more as frenemies :graucho:
  12. Frenemies, LOL! MK has been giving out great critiques (love him!!)- and I do remember him saying that fashion needs our next MJ. I wonder if PR will ever invite (if they haven't) MJ to their show- it would be great.
  13. ^^Frenemies. That's funny!
  14. new MbMK dress

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  15. WOW, that is one stunning outfit, but those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: They are soooooooo freaking sexy!!! And you got it going on too with that body (and I'm saying this as a staunch heterosexual woman) :P

    You look freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the dress, but it's the whole outfit together that totally rocks!!