MJ zip clutch -- do you like it better as regular leather or quilted leather?

  1. MJ zip clutch -- do you like it better as regular leather or quilted leather?

    I can't decide..... which one do you like better and why?
  2. I like them both the same, but for some reason I always seem to take notice of the quilted ones first. Maybe that means I like the quilted better.

    Ok, I prefer the quilted. It is more detailed. The craftsmanship of the quilting is excellent.
  3. bump.... anyone else? quilted leather or regular?
  4. Where is everybody?
    Give her some opinions!
  5. I prefer smooth calf leather.. some of the quilted wallets don't have the back exterior pocket.
  6. I prefer the quilted. It looks so luxurious.
  7. I bought quilted and I love it :love:

    However, don't be like me and order online without gift wrapping. Nordstrom sent mine in a plastic bag. No dust bag, no box.
  8. I'll go for quilted too..Looks nice
  9. I think it's kind of random with Nordies. I've purchased high end bags from them and only received the dustbag no box and I know they come with them. I purchased the XL single and quilted zip clutch first day of the pre sale and both came with the box and dust bag. I think a part of it depends on the SA's or whoever is pulling the order and partially depends on if the item was a return(like someone bought it changed their mind returned it sans dust bag and box) so when you buy it you don't get them. I generally find that Nordies tries to ship from whatever store is closest too you opposed to having say a shipping center.
  10. I like quilted, because it's nicer in my hand:yes::yes:
  11. Quilted -more luxurious, like it especially as a clutch
    goatskin -more durable
    both are excelent
  12. I bought my Large Single from them and received the dust bag and box. The service varies. But for the price they can make the effort. I don't think it matters what Nordstrom it came from since none are on this side of the world.
  13. I love the quilted.
  14. MJ makes a really nice quilted bag. Unfortunately, not all the designers in that price range can.
  15. I use the quilted & adore it.