MJ Trish: Still available at Nordstrom?

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  1. I was wondering if any Nordies has the Trish. I prefer a dark brown or chili.

    Thank you!
  2. i think you should call and ask a SA to check for you.....they can do a company-wide search. FWIW, i never did see a trish at any of my 'regular' nordstrom stores...only hudson.

    bag.lover just posted a 20% off deal at bluebeeonline.com in the sale thread, and i'm almost sure i saw a dark brown trish there.
  3. Thanks! I called, and they still have a few!:yahoo: Merry Christmas to me! :shame:
  4. I asked my SA to check for me for another dark brown Trish to replace my damaged one and they said there were no more in stock. Did you get another color?
  5. I actually ordered the chili. They only searched this color since it was my top choice, and it was available. I'm sorry about your dark brown Trish.:sad: I'm kind of worried that I'll get a defective one since I ordered over the phone.
  6. Congrats! And E what's wrong with your baby? She looked gawgeous!
  7. Wow, raves for Nordstrom! Ordered the Trish on Friday night, and it arrived yesterday! The SA said it would take 5 business days at least. I was cheap and did not pay for upgrade shipping.

    The bag is gorgeous, but it's heavy! Even heavier than the Blake and Venetia. I can't stop staring at it though, hee hee.
  8. ^ Congrats!!! I believe your SA rushed it out to you b/c of the holiday delay, Nordstrom is great!

    Agree with you that Trish is heavy. =)
  9. Congrats slickskin! Can't wait to see pics!

  10. The stitching on the handle was falling apart which made the handle start to break in two. She's fixed now. She's just waiting for me to pick her up from Nordies.
  11. Oh my! I'm happy for you that Nordies was able to fix the bag. :yes:
  12. E, glad your Trish is fixed. =)
  13. E, how long did it take for them to fix your bag? I sent my quilted MP in because the stitching was coming undone after using the bag 4 times in 2 weeks. That was 5 Sep. They were supposed to mail it to me when repairs were done, because I was scheduled to deploy. I still have not received it back. It's going on 4 mths now. Any advice?