mj rust vs. whiskey?

  1. how different are these colors really? every old online picture i find of a rust bag looks almost like the whiskey clutch i got today. my mom was in love w/ the rust and bloomies screwed me over when they were out of stock during the fall sale. i got the whiskey on sale at Saks today, do you think the colors are close enough? any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance :yes:
  2. You can tell them apart in real life. Whiskey is very dark brown, I think Rust (silver hardware) has some red undertone to it. I saw them both at MJ store in LA.
  3. so to the "lay-marc-jacobs-person", (someone like my mom), do you think i might get away with the whiskey as rust-ish? i was surprised at how much more clay/terracota-toned it was in real life today than the lv-ish brown tone it shows online.
  4. ^ Has your mom seen Rust in real life? She fell in love with the online picture only right? I really don't think she would mind Whiskey (gold hardware) at all. =)
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