MJ North/South Tote in Whiskey or Wait to Hunt Cashew?

  1. I have the North/South Tote on hold in Whiskey, but then I discovered Cashew via eBay.

    (By the way, I had a post asking whether to buy this or a Chloe Snake Tote, I favored this soon after posting, others mostly said Chloe', I decided both, THEN I decided just this. MJ won!) I've been dreaming about this bag since BEFORE Fall! Ugh, what's wrong with me for waiting. (Oh yeah, priority was the blue one!)

    Should I pay now for my 2nd choice, and pay full price?

    Or wait for another used one Cashew on eBay, and pay less?

    I'm really in no time rush.

    If anyone owns the bag, or any in either colour, posting photos would REALLY help!!

    I'll probably have to decide tomorrow! Eek!!!

    One last thing that will help - Might the lighter Cashew get dirty easily? I'm already very nervous carrying my current ("denim" blue) MJ.


    Oh and I've attached photos.
    Marc-Jacobs-North-South-Tote.jpg mc-ns-cashew_ebay.JPG
  2. Personally, I like the cashew better.... I'm not a big fan of Whiskey although I do like dark browns. Maybe it's because of the the color and bag combo. If you can wait for a cashew to come along on eBay, then go for that, it will save you money if you're in no rush! One will pop up eventually.
  3. I like casheew as well..Follow your own heart though,you know what is best for you!
  4. Thanks girls. Sounds good. I got a head's up from a PFer that the black was on sale at The Purse Store, but there was something wrong and the order wouldn't go through. I contacted them, and was hoping for a phone purchase(??) but now it's sold out!

    Oh well. NOW should I wait for Cashew or should I get a light pink patent leather? Keep in mind I'm already nervous about MJ bags keeping nice. I was happy that I decided to carry my blue one today, but then my mum said it would rain. I myself checked Google Desktop, which said it wouldn't, but I don't take chances with MJ. (Even though bringing my Oscar [what I named him] to SCHOOL is a tiny bit risky.) (I ended up with teal AWL Dooney.) (I felt like a handbag and not a school bag, and surprisingly didn't feel like my Paddy.)

    So yeah, how is Patent MJ and patent care and stuff? Is the colour too light? Which is dressier? Might I not like the shiny? I don't think I do like the shininess! But it's better if not black.

    I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. I can wait. (Just keep saying it!)

    So what is your favorite colour in the N/S Tote? (Everyone.) Hearing that might help.

    Keep me strong girls, make sure I get the perfect:heart: :heart: one!
  5. I bought the tote in Black leather..Its a great bag..but its big! Very yummy leather
  6. What's your vote, then?
  7. yes i agree ... follow your heart. you'll be more satisifed in the end
  8. I prefer the cashew for the quilted leather. I think the lighter color shows off the quilting.
    Don't be worried about your bags getting dirty. I have several light colored, leather bags (one MJ) and I am just cautious with them. IMO, if I'm going to pay that much for a bag, I'm gonna use it!! KWIM??
  9. ^ Heh, I was probably the person who snagged the last one. :shame: Anyway, I think the cashew looks much better than the whiskey because I feel its easier to match with other colors. Would you like me to keep an eye out for you? There were recently two on eBay. ;)
  10. There were, I know. Now there are just two patent blush ones.

    I want a colour that might look a little more dressy. I like dressy MJ but this tote is big and kinda casj so I just want the colour to fancy it a little. That's why I didn't want the cashew, kind of. I think the Cashew is just plain my favorite, attractiveness-wise.

    Thanks everyone for helping! I'll update on news.