MJ Newbie - The Purse Store

  1. Hi All

    This is my first post and hopefully my first MJ purchase. I am interested in purchasing a little stam from "The Purse Store". Can you please confirm as soon as possible that it will be 100% authentic? Am from Australia ... sooo far from all the action ... so am a teeeny weeeny bit nervous!

    Thanks a million!
  2. Absolutely! They are a trusted seller here on the forum. THey're having 25% off too, so take advantage of it!
  3. Thanks for your confirmation thithi! Am v v v excited. Has anyone else recently bought from them?
  4. Hi fasvic! Welcome to the MJ forum (and the beginning of a baaaad addiction to MJ bags!:yes:).

    As thithi said (she's one of the resident experts here!:smile:), the purse store sells authentic MJs. Just be wary of the taxes if you're having it shipped to Oz. Anything above A$1,000 is subject to hefty fees. Happy shopping!
  5. ooh 25% off! :biggrin:
  6. I have purchased a ZC & a little stam from them. One order online & one on the phone both for 25% off. Easy to reach, great at answering questions, authentic merchandise so go for it!
  7. Thanks so much for everyone's help! I am not sure how I survived before I discovered this forum!!!:yahoo: