MJ Men's shoes

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  1. Hello!

    my bf is soo in love w MJ shoes esp the collabration w Vans. I was hoping I can get him one for one of our wedding gifts. the thing is can anyone pls tell me where can i get them coz i just don't trust eBay and MJ boutique
    here doesn't carry them.

    much appreciated
  2. I think those were LE and have been long discontinued? Unless there was a new season put out.. but from what I know, Vans released his shoes about two years ago and they are probably really hard to find now. You could always try stores that carry deadstock sneakers, or specialty sneaker stores... Sportie LA and Undefeated are here in LA, deludedmonkey.com is an online website, and there are several more I'm sure. There are lots of sneaker afficionado's out there with lots of resources that can help you.

    I got a couple sneaker junkie friends... they drag me out sneaker shopping a lot.
  3. ohh godd diz been lik sooo long ive logged in here i didnt even know some 1 actually replied to my posts....thanks sooo much!!! so sorry 2 thank u only now...but i was cheated twice on eBay...they promised me tt they've send the shoes but we didnt rec it. n wen i asked 4 d transaction receipt frm USPS they jz stopped emailing me...but thanks sooo much!!
  4. actually, mj did start the vans collaboration again. i recently saw boxes and boxes of vans shoes at the boutique. the styles are also featured under the 'special items' section at marcjacobs.com.

    xatiranx, are you sure you're visiting the right store? the shoes are being sold at marc by marc jacobs not the collection store. you can look up locations at the marc jacobs website.
  5. when i was up in boston, i got a pair of the MJ vans from the collection store. if you called, im sure they can charge-send you a pair. the slip ons i got were in a mens size, so i got them in the smallest size to fit my little feet.