MJ hardware question

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  1. Hi all, newbie here. I finally purchased my first MJ bag and was wondering
    when they are bought brand new, is it standard for the gold (brass) hardware (zipper pulls, locks, etc.) to have the protective plastic on it (that you peel off) to prevent the hardware from oxidizing? I purchased mine directly from the MJ boutique in Soho but there was no protective plastic on the hardware and it had already oxidized a tiny bit. Does this mean it could have been a return? Or a floor model? Thanks for any help!
  2. are you talking about the Collection bags (not MbyMJ)?
    Most new MJ bags do come with protective plastic over the zipper pulls and pushlocks, but since the bags are on display and handled in the stores, its always possible that they could fall off before someone buys the bag. it doesn't necessarily mean it's a return and/or was used (and MJ stores only offer a 7 day return/exchange policy, so I don't think there are THAT many bags on display that are returns). I've bought brand new bags from the MJ store and they've been missing the plastic on one or more of the zippers.

    MbyMJ bags don't usually come with plastic over the zipper pulls of hardware