MJ advice for a newbie, please?

  1. So I was walking around Nordstroms the other day, when I spotted the MJ Elise (not patent nor quilted, just plain) in Butter...

    *GASP* Instant love! :love:

    It was the perfect color and size!

    Now, I hear about MJ bags going on sale at various places (stores and online). What are the chances I could find this bag on sale? I don't mind waiting!

    Any tips, leads, past experiences would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. It is possible you may find this particular bag in Butter on sale, but not necessarily likely. Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Saks, do put MJ bags on sale, but they are usually colored ones. Forget about a black MJ bag ever going on sale.

    My advice if you really love this bag in this color, buy it and then see if they go on sale.
  3. Butter isn't that common of a color--I'd go for it if you love it. My guess is that the current crop of bags will NOT go on sale until mid-June. That's awhile off....

    Also, not sure where you're located, but the customer appreciation nights for Nordy's are coming up at most stores. On that night, if you use your Nordstrom Visa card, you get 10 points for every $1 spent. At every 2000 points you get a $20 gc. So basically for every $200 spent, you get back $20--10% off.... You might want to ask a SA about buying the bag on that night. They can probably do a pre-sale on the bag so you can get the points. It at least gives you a little something back!

  4. Thank you two!

    I really appreciate your expertise!