MiZz Work Workin' her Pod

  1. Introducing the latest addition to my small bBag Clan... 07 S/S Black Work with her Chintz Rogue Pod.



  2. Loving the bag, but the pod is HOT!
  3. That combination looks great!
  4. congrats on your beautiful work! love the pod too!
  5. That is such a pretty combo :nuts::drool:...Where did you get the pod ? How much ? Thanks, sweetie
  6. Love the rogue pod...is that a bigger one. mine are so much smaller?

    Love the work...your aquiring quite the collection arent you:graucho:
  7. Does that pod have the same decoration on the back? I have a pod but what bugs me about it is that it has nothing on the back and it often times will flip to show the back and I can't seem to get it to stay facing out.
  8. very nice!! congrats!
  9. Congrats.:yahoo: Work size has been my favorite too lately.:tup:
  10. Thanks for the positive comments everyone~!

    gallicaroses: The pod is avail. at Real Deal Collection & the price varies by the style of pod. ;)

    fiatflux: The back of the pod has a floral decoration.. I will post pics.. as soon as I get the digicam back from my DH. :yes:

    lothlorien14: I think this pod is the same size as the others, the Chintz (floral) pattern pods are a bit stiffer. This is my only work for now... :whistle: I think I see more in the future...:push:
  11. That's great! I think that they may all have decoration on the back now, since it's hard to keep them from flipping. I thought it did look about the same size as mine (mine is one of the very ORIGINAL ones that were made...I think mine was actually from the first batch...for once I got in on the ground floor of something big! ;) ).
  12. Wow! What a lovely accessory to get for such an amazing bag.
  13. It's beautiful! :heart: Love the leather on your work. I love the pod, too! Congrats! :yahoo:
  14. "R" oogie, congrats, you finally got your black work!! she looks stunning....the leather is TDF!! and your pod looks awesone!! aren't they the greatest accessories!!:cutesy:

  15. Hey "M"~! Thanks~! Works are like :huh:dles and :huh:dles of yummy leather. I also see a nice Anthra somewhere t:huh:. :smile: cOngrats on your decision.. any word on the new Violet? :wlae: