Mixing Black with Brown - does it work?

  1. okay, this is my first thread in the wardrobe forum... i'm usually in the handbags one.

    so here's goes the question: when i was in my teens, a friend and i were going out, and as i changed, she was agast that i was wearing a dark chocolate top with my flare black pants and black shoes. i was like, 'what?' and she said that black and brown never go together. i had never heard of that. i thought it looked fine. well, that totally traumatized me that to this day, almost 20 years later, i have trouble combining the two colors in my outfits. i love brown, sometimes more than black, but b/c of this, i got myself separate wardrobe pieces so that the black and the brown outfits stay in their color scheme.

    i see lots of photos with celebs combining the color, so it is really a faux pas then? i love brown handbags, and i sometimes have issue wearing brown bags with my black outfits.

    what do you think?
  2. They can go together but it depends on the darkness of the brown and how much black and brown is in the outfit. It's a hard look to get right.

  3. Agreed, it is a hard look to get right.

    Admittedly, I often wear a brown shirt with jeans, black belt, black boots, and black bag. I think a lot depend on your skin tone and hair color as well.

    In the end, it is hard to forget or discount those times when friends impact our fashion sense with criticism.
  4. I mix and match black and brown...rules were meant to be broken i say!
  5. I personally don't think chocolate brown and black look good together but lighter brownish colors like beige and tan look great with black.
  6. I am not much help, but I am in the same boat. I even hesitate to buy brown shoes because I own so few other brown items! I know it can be done, but I am not clear on what the correct way is.
  7. I think it's fine to mix black and brown.
  8. I don't think color-match "rules" apply to the truly stylish!
  9. Brown and black go together -- I have told people countless times that if you can find the color combo in nature, you can wear it in your clothes. Mother Nature is a fantastic stylist and her color choices normally work well together.

    But I do think that if you are going to wear black and brown, one of the pieces needs to have texture. There needs to be some tactile quality to either the top (my personal preference) or bottom.
  10. I've seen really great outfits which incorporate black and browns, and unfortunately, equally as many :wtf: ones...

    Personally, I'm wary cos like sonya pointed out, it IS a tricky combo. As a result, I tend to keep my browns and blacks separate. :shame:
  11. brown and black go together as long as the brown is more of a tan or a taupey brown i believe it matches; if it's a chocolate color i don't believe it goes
  12. Black is a neutral so go ahead and wear brown with it! :biggrin:
  13. I think it works on *some* people and even then it's hit or miss. I try not to mix, but sometimes when I'm wearing a black outfit and too lazy to change my brown bag...I'm just like..oh screw it, I'm just going to go!
  14. I love black and brown together.
  15. I mix it a number of times...did so the other day.