mIX-mAtChing tAsSeLS!

  1. Balenciaga has so many beautiful colors and one of the best features of the Motorcycle style bags are the TASSELS!! I was wondering if anyone ever mix-matched their tassels (red tassels on a blue bag??? :p)

    I have only red bags at the moment (...that'll change soon, :biggrin:) so have yet to see what it would look like... I'd love to know if anyone does this and if so, if some pics could be posted!!

    And even if nobody mix-matches their tassels, maybe this could turn into some sort of experimentation thread... could tassels of one bag look good on another?

    What do you think??? :smile:
  2. I have wondered about this too. I haven't experimented with my own bags. If a person had several hues of the same color family, mixing and matching there might look good.
  3. i think (??) i saw someone braid different colored tassels together and then attach it to bags...i thought it looked very cute!!
  4. One of the PF members, Deana, makes braided tassels to attach to bags. I was lucky enough to be able to buy one from someone, who was selling their bag that the tassel went with, and she sold the tassel to me. The tassel that I have is vert d'eau, bubblegum pink and white, and then there are matching stones on it. I'll have to post a photo of it tomorrow - I don't believe I have a photo of it. It is beautiful. Maybe some of the other members who have photos of their tassels would share!
  5. lol what a cute idea!
    yes lovelygarments please post a pic :smile:
  6. yep, pretty much every day I match a tassel from another colour. Page 5 of this thread shows my Jaune with Vert Gazon tassel.


    I have a basket on my dining room table and just pick a colour!

    Someone else posted about matching the mirror of a different bag to another bag. It looked wonderful!

    I wish you well,

  7. There was another thread like this about mixing and matching mirrors-- I think that idea flopped :shame:
  8. I use my own handmade glass beads as charms. :smile:
  9. I think bright coloured tassels would look hot against a black Bbag!
  10. I admire those who experiment this way..not certain that I could get away with it though..perhaps I should begin with a charm!
  11. i agree!
    i want to see that! unfortuantely i dont have any to try it out for myself as mine are dark colors, no bright bags yet. maybe ill have to buy a few bright colors sometime soon :graucho:
  12. How do you guys feel about having a different color tassle on your bag than the bag color itself?!