MiuMiu Markdown Bags at Nordys

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  1. My fav SA at Nordys just e-mailed me pics of the MiuMiu bags that will be marked down!!!! I attatched my favs check them out!!! All the designer bags are being marked down the day after Thanksgiving but you can preselect RIGHT NOW!!! Prada, Gucci, and Fendi get marked down Dec 5 (but they don't know what will go on sale yet :sad:).
    Here is her info if you want to preselect:
    Marie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    Designer Handbags
    Bellevue Nordstrom
    (e) marie.allen@Nordstrom.com
    (p) 425.455.5800
    I LOVE the holidays!!!:love:
    Lg Top Handle.JPG MiuMiu Flapover Tote.JPG MiuMiu Top Handle.JPG St Cocco Tote.JPG
  2. can you post more pictures?
  3. do you know how much was marked down? thanks!
  4. Just bags? Or wallets as well?
  5. Wow! I work at Nordstrom, so I'm going to have to go crazy as soon as I pay my CC bill. ^^
  6. cool~
  7. wow, i really want the miu-miu vitello in bright pink! I am in Australia, i wonder if there is anyway i can ring and order it ... do you think they will still have it now?
  8. Hayley~
    I know they still have that bag I was just there and saw it!!!
    Give marie a call 425.455.5800
    or e-mail her marie.allen@Nordstrom.com
    Good Luck
  9. Hi wandwings,

    Do you know what other Miu Miu will be on sale besides these? I'm interested in the tote w/ the ruching on top...