miumiu bow satchel strap

  1. i just purchased a tan miumiu bow satchel (Which i am totally in love with!!!:yahoo:) but i feel that the strap is too long for me! (i think i have a short body:crybaby:)

    is there any way i can shortern the strap?? should i even alter it?

    and any singaporeans can recommend a leather cleaner for my bags that i can get locally? i've read thru other forums, but they only recommend cleaners that probably arent stocked in s'pore
  2. Any good shoe repairer should be able to shorten the strap. I've got the bag in off-white and I haven't had to clean it yet but when I do I'll just use a neutral leather cleaner - a cream rather than a spray.
  3. The salesperson told me to shorten the strap by taking away the golden hardware buckle on either side or both sides and just looping the leather stap directly through the holes. Hope I explain it well:smile:
  4. i definitely agree that the strap is long, and not only is it long, it's thin! this is not the most comfortable bag to wear with the strap when you've got stuff packed in there...it's been giving me back pain :0

    i agree with the others though - try taking the strap to a leather shop and having it shortened a bit. either that or you could try doubling up the strap like the poster above me said. that might make the strap tooo short, but maybe it'll work for you!
  5. Hi ilikeribena,

    I think you can get the leather wax from BREE, available from the boutique at wisma atrium. I used it to protect my black leather satchel. As for the strap, I think it's most cases with most of the bag. My strap is too long for me as well. But if you are really looking at shortening it, wat the SA suggested to me was to bring it to any of e cobbler and get them to punch another hole or so. Hopes that helps. :smile:
  6. thanks for all the helpful suggestions!!
  7. I'm medium-tall, so that was one of the reasons I fell in love with the bow satchel - the strap is actually long enough! But I would love it even more if the strap was a bit wider.