Miu Miu on Sartorialist

  1. I´m so in love with miu miu!!!:love:
    This was the first impuls that maked me wanting to know about Miu. Its a pic from the blog Sartorialist. This bag isn´t clasified as a most wanted item on this forum ( little bit old-school). I agree, but on this woman looks absolutely fabulos!!!:drool:
  2. A variation on the same bag.
  3. agree,she definitely made good choice of colours about what she wears..bag just completes her elegance even tough it's not the first of my list or any list,I suppose...I would die for an authentic black or camel coffer now :shrugs: ...
  4. Wildberry, you are from Italy, right? Haven´t you been to Milano MiuMiu boutique lately? I´m going to Milan on Jan, and sooooo wondering if theres yet any chance to get a fumo bow satchel??? Thank you
  5. hajk,
    I just called them and asked if they have the bow satchel in fumo,they said it was the most sought colour of the winter season but unfortunately it's sold out :sad:and they won't be receiving any,they are waiting for the new colours of spring/summer season.Sorry for the bad news...she also told me to check the multibrand department stores,maybe you should check with LaRinascente when you come over. Happy holidays,everyone !:yahoo:
  6. You are so nice, wildberry. I can´t belive you did it for me:love:!!! Thank you soo much.Never mind, I get another colour.
  7. Miu Miu Fold Over Clutch
  8. Another one from Sartorialist
  9. i :heart: old-school! thanks for posting these up.
  10. Very nice!
    I LOVE The Sartorialist :biggrin:
  11. what purse-friends are for ?!!! :okay: always a pleasure,let me know if you need something else.By the way,when are you coming over ? Happy New Year , everyone !