miu miu FLATS!! question about dyeing leather, perhaps :)

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  1. So I bought a pair of used miu miu bow flats on eBay. They look like this, but in a pink "blush" color. These were like, my HG shoes for soooo long after seeing someone wear them!! I LOVE BOWS!! On everything!! I have the valentino bow (nuage) bag, some more bow shoes, heels, bows for my hair..everything :smile: But these were super expensive and I didn't know whether or not I should get them and even thought about getting knockoffs/inspired bow flats..but then saw them on eBay for cheap. Like i paid less than $50 including shipping. So I snatched them up..
    But my question is, since they're used, and light colored, they're a bit dirty and smudged. Can I clean the leather, or take it to a leather cleaner? Can I ask for them to dye the leather? I kind of want it dyed...pink bow on black. Kind of like a pink bow in my hair that I like to wear :smile: Would that be kind of hard? Or ridiculous? Or look fake? Destroy the leather?

    And how much would that cost?

    Thank you!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. I have no idea, that's a really good question...I have read in this forum about a website called lovinmybags.com and some people here have used it, with good results, but as I remember this website is for handbags...I don't know if they do shoes but you could give it a try. They are in the US, I believe.

    I guess it could be done, but you'd have to ask.
  3. Thanks!! I was going to take them to my local leathershop which dyes purses, supposedly, according to their reviews.

    Any more suggestions? bump!!
  4. Yeah it is possible to clean shoes up and re-dye the leather, the dyeing should probably be done by a cobbler as it can be really really messy! You can do it yourself though if you get the appropriate leather dye/paint and tape the rest of the shoe in painting tape so you don't make a mess on it. For cleaning it, depending on how badly they are dirty, baby wipes often work well :smile: I would love to see how they look once they are done! Those are so pretty, I've wanted those shoes for ages too :biggrin: