Miu Miu Coffer Leather Care

  1. Hi all, I just bought my first Miu Miu bag - the Coffer in black. (I'm over the moon with the purchase as I've been lusting over this bag for almost a year now.)

    I would like to find out any tips on caring for the leather. The weather here in Singapore has been very wet (our tropical version of snow), and the first day I got it, I thought I noticed water stains on it!

    I would like to find out what you guys use to maintain the leather, and if the water stains is something to worry about and how to remove it.

  2. Hi valska, I'm in Singapore too :smile: and yes, water stains can be a problem, because I brought my Miu Miu out the other day and it got caught in the rain! Mine's brown, and in buffalo leather. Apparently, my bag was made of untreated leather (which stains with water) so it really depends on what the coffer is made of. Try talking to Le Shine at Far East Plaza, they are professional bag cleaners. I bought a spray protector from them, which you can apply to your bag to protect against water. But the lady at Le Shine cautioned that it will only protect against light rain, and not a major downpour. Since your bag's black, stains might not be so obvious, although she said some black Miu Miu bags stain too :sad:
  3. I'm from Singapore too! It's SO hard to get leather care products around here. And because I have bags from various brands, I know not which product to buy to treat all of them! HELP!
    Le Shine at Far East, you say? I couldn't find it!
    And my Miu Miu is made of delicate calf leather and it's stained too! (and I saw a torn part of it just the other day! >.<)
  4. Wow! Was it a lot of rain that hit the bag? I have had my black coffer for quite some time now and have never treated it with any type of spray or conditioner/protectant. There are no signs of wear on it whatsoever. Of course, I haven't taken it out in a real downpour of rain. Are the stains evident enough to see in pictures?

    Nymph, just curious - did you say that your coffer is made of Buffalo leather? :confused1: