Miu Miu coffer bag: Black nappa vs. Brown Suede

  1. Hello all,
    I am seriously considering a purchase of the Miu Miu Coffer bag. And, I can't decide between the black nappa or the brown suede. Which one do you recommend for an all-season bag? I'm attaching pictures

    Coffer nappa.jpg Coffer suede.jpg
  2. Hi, personally I LOVE the brown suede coffer... and I have it. I'm not crazy about this style in the leather. But it's all personal preference!
  3. Brown suede!!! It is gorgeous!! Mine arrives on March 26th, and I cannot wait!!!! Either way it's a wonderful bag!!
  4. I love, love, love the brown suede coffer :love:
  5. Black Nappa. I don't care for suede at all.
  6. I always associate suede as more of a fall/winter material, so for a year-round bag I'd personally go with the black or dark brown nappa.
  7. When I got my brown leather one last year, I saw ITF and fell in Love with the brown suede coffer! The main reason I didn't get the suede is cos leather's much easier to take care of. But, of the brown suede and the black leather (which is also very beautiful), personally I prefer the brown suede...unless ya want something easier to care for. Then I'd go with the black leather. And the very first time I saw the brown suede it was on Jessica Alba. She was wearing it during the summer. So even though suede may be for cooler weather, I guess it's the acception to the rule when it's a handbag.
  8. Brown Suede! I think it represent "the classic" Coffer!
    Care issues: I've been carrying it since last november and I have to admit that the back of handbag (the side that rubs against body when carried on shoulder) has peeled and turned darker. Still it looks great, but definitely it's not a massive usage handbag.
  9. How much is the black nappa?
  10. Thanks for all your input everyone! This is so helpful to hear from people who own and know the coffer bag.

    The black nappa coffer is $1455 and the brown suede is $1295.

    I tend to wear a lot of black, but I really love the look of the brown suede coffer. I'm just afraid of how the brown suede will wear if I use it as an everday bag.
  11. for an all season bag, i'd go for the nappa, i personally am not a fan of suede handbags...
  12. I'd go with the black nappa- without proper care, suede can look mangy with frequent use.
  13. Hello all,
    Thank you so very much for all your input! It is much appreciated. Well, I went with the brown suede coffer. I was completely torn between the advantages of both bags. But when I went to take a last look at both on the NM website, the black nappy was no longer available. So, brown suede it is!

    She's on her way to me now. Yay! I can't wait.

    Thanks again to all of you!
  14. YAY!!!! Congrats! Mine is coming from NM tomorrow, all the way from the US to tiny Norway!! Whohoo!!

    And if you read the Coffer-forum, you'll se a bunch of tips on how to keep your suede coffer pretty:heart: You'll love it!