Miu Miu bowling bag - nude or grey?

  1. I'm saving up for the bowling bag from Miu Miu, but I just can't decide between the nude and the grey one. I think both colors works with almost everything, but maybe the nude is better for spring/summer while the grey works all year around. I live in Europe so the nude might be easier to find since it's available on Net-A-Porter. It's so hard! Everytime I think I've come to a decision, I change my mind so I'll be thankful for all opinions and answers :tup:
    787341.jpg 787338.jpg
  2. I like the grey, because it looks easier to keep clean - and it seems more multi-season
  3. grey
  4. actually, does the grey have silver hardware?
    if so, I would choose the nude, I think it makes this style more special with gold hardware
  5. I like the grey. It is so pretty!
  6. The grey's beautiful!
  7. another vote for grey!
  8. i like the nude one. =) Its so prettyyyyyyy
  9. definitely the grey one, gorgeous!!
  10. grey...
  11. the nude is beautiful. i think it's more classic than grey, which is the hot color right now.
  12. I prefer the grey.