Miu miu bow current season color in Paris?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am a newbie and need your opinion. My friend is reaching in Paris in another 12 hours, I ask her if she could help to get me miu miu bow bag, she took a picture and had a quick peep at harrods what are the color available, she says it is the red, dark brown and dark pink. The color I chosen initially was last season which is light grey, any chance in Paris would have last season color on shelf based on your experience? If no, what do I choose between the dark brown and pink she mentioned, because I don't know much about miu miu color family. No red for me as I already have a Prada red and this red I can't accept as it is too bright for me. The dark brown I can't really picture because she didn't snap the picture. What do you think?
    This is the pink

    And red.
  2. Pink - i dont Not its actual name -

    is really Pretty! go for it it will brighten up your wardrobe