missing sleeper bag...

  1. i just received my bargain of a bag (posh jj) from the bloomie's sale. it's pretty obvious that it's a return, as the plastic bag it came in was taped over and slapped with another label. fine by me, but it didn't come with its sleeper bag--which completely annoys the heck outta me. anyone ever get a bag without its sleeper? did you call and get one from where you ordered it? i imagine the schmuck who let this bag go just kept it.

    it also wasn't stuffed with tissue, so it was sent all flat. also very annoying.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. currently my mbmj saddle bag is haning out in my speedy bag while i am not using it. (cause i use it or my speedy.) but I would like it to have a proper bag for it.
  3. you can probably get another one from bloomies. just call them and tell them it was missing. they also are on eBay. (im assuming sleeper bags are also called dust bags?)
  4. ^ Yeah, sleeper bags = dust bags. :yes:
  5. I totally agree it's really annoying. I bought an Ines from Barneys. The sleeper/dust bag was also missing. I called their customer service number yesterday. They agreed to send me one. But they said it might take some time because they'll have to find one for me in the warehouse and stores... I think you should call bloomies first. Nothing to loose.

    I love NAP on their packaging. My stam from NAP came with its MJ dust bag AND additional NAP dust bag--they give you a dust bag to protect your original dust bag. :tup: I moved one of my "old" bag to the NAP bag and found a home (old bag's dust bag) for my new Ines for now.
  6. Yeah, department stores (especially sales) are terrible about keeping the dustbag with the bag. Usually they keep it folded up in the bag with the tissue paper, so I bet someone took out everything from inside (maybe the person who returned it?), and that's where your sleeper bag went...

    ETA: just reread your post, and ITA agree that the person who returned your bag probably has the dustbag lying around in their closet. People can be really inconsiderate sometimes, huh?
  7. Hope the people selling MJ dustbags on eBay didn't get them that way...